The North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council has identified several useful links for farming entrepreneurial information. Our Cultivating Commerce site will be the repository for this useful information.   Check out:

  • California FarmLink is a nonprofit organization that provides farmers with the tools they need to lease and purchase land, access capital, and improve business and financial management skills
  • provides key information to support farmers just starting out, including a free planning guide for starting a farm.
  • The Center for Land Based Learning is dedicated to creating the next generation of farmers and teaching California’s youth about the importance of agriculture and natural resource conservation.
  • provides sustainable small farms education.
  • Missouri Beginning Farmers Program which lists several informative guides to figuring out your farm needs.
  • The Center for Rural Affairs has considerable information useful to new and existing farmers.
  • The National Young Farmers Coalition keeps new farmers informed, and its blog answers many farmers questions.
  • Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire: "Environmental, Economic, and Social Changes in Rural America Visible in Survey Data and Satellite Images."
  • Entrepreurial questions for beginning farmers are not restricted to the United States. The United Kingdom studied entrepreneurial limits and strengths through the "Entreprenurial Skills of Farmers Project" Find our more at their website:   This UK project had two study areas:
    • 1. Identification and analysis of economic, social and cultural factors which hinder or stimulate the development of entrepreneurial skills, reflecting the strategic orientation of the farm
    • 2. Elaboration of strategies and tools to improve these factors for different farming strategies