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General Land Access Resources

California FarmLink (multilingual support and resources available)

Resource Library

Ca FarmLink Farmland Assessment

Land for Good 

Toolbox for Farm Seekers

Center for Agriculture and Food Systems 

Farmland Access Legal Toolkit

American Farmland Trust 

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Equity Trust - Farms for Farmers publications

National Young Farmers Coalition (multilingual support and resources available)

Land Access Resources

Kitchen Table Advisors (multilingual support provided)

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Greenhorns - Resources

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Farm Commons - Farmland and Ranchland Leasing and Purchasing

Sustainable Economies Law Center (multilingual resources available)

Seeds of Land Return Toolkit

Reclaiming the Farmland Commons


Incubator Farm Programs for Aspiring and Beginning Farmers

Agroecology Commons Bay Area Farmer to Farmer Training (multilingual support available)

Agricultural & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) (multilingual support provided)

Center for Land Based Learning California Farm Academy (multilingual support available)

School of Adaptive Agriculture

Get Involved In/Updates on Policy Around Land Access

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) Policy Program

National Young Farmers Coalition One Million Acres Campaign

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s 2023 Farm Bill Platform

Whole Farm Management

Farm Management - UC Small Farms

Managing Employees | Farm Answers

Farm Management Resources | Iowa State ANR

Farm Management | Alternative Farming Systems Information Center | NAL | USDA

Farm Management Resources | Michigan State 

Whole Farm Systems | Alternative Farming Systems Information Center | NAL | USDA

Sustainable Farming

Conservation Resources for Farmers and Landowners | USDA

Conservation Programs | USDA

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program: Welcome

What is Sustainable Agriculture? | UCDavis SAREP

Organic Farming

Organic Production | SARE

National Organic Program | Agricultural Marketing Service

Organic | NRCS

Is Organic an Option for Me? | Agricultural Marketing Service


Best Management Practices in Agritourism

California Agritourism | UC ANR

California Agricultural Tourism Directory | UCANR

Agricultural Tourism Operation Fact Sheets - UC Small Farms

Agritourism | Agricultural and Food Law

Agritourism Marketing | AGMRC

Best Management Practices in Agritourism | AGMRC

Risk Management and Liability in Agritourism | AGMRC

Business Planning

Business Management Archives

Farm Business Planning - Foothill Farming

Your Farm's Business Plan | USDA

Farm & Agriculture Business Plans - Business Planning Examples

Farm Business Planning | Beginning Farmer's

Technical Assistance for Planning Your Business | USDA4


Analyzing Finances | Farm Answers

Planning the Farm | Farm Answers

Marketing | Farm Answers

Marketing Resources | CAFF

How To Start Your Own Business

Risk Management

Risk Management and Liability in Agritourism

Managing On-farm Risk

Beginning or Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Resources | USDA.

Manage Your Farm Risk Resources for Farmers and Ranchers | USDA

Risk Management | USDA

Risk Management - Foothill Farming | UCANR

Farm Safety | Farm Answers

Risk Management Education for On-Farm Visitors | Iowa State

Farm Risk Management Resources | Beginning Farmers

Farm Cooperatives

Rural Cooperatives - UC Small Farms

Basic Cooperative Principles – Cooperatives

California Center for Cooperative Development |

Other Resources | California Center for Cooperative Development

Value Added Opportunities

How to Become Involved in Adding Value *

What is Value-added Agriculture?

What Do We Mean by Value-added Agriculture?

Value-Added Products Archives

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture | Alternative Farming Systems Information Center| NAL | USDA


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Resource Guide for Farmers

Marketing Techniques

Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers - SARE

Agricultural Marketing Service: Home

Build Your Market and Grow Your Business | USDA - New Farmers

Online Presence

Enhance Your Farm's Digital Presence

Social Media and Online Marketing for Farms

Digital Agriculture: Why Farmers Need to get Online

Financial Management

Free Online Bookkeeping Course and Training

Learn Bookkeeping with Online Courses and Classes