Whole Farm Planning 

Plan out your farm for success and resource conservation!   Much information is available about managing your land to balance natural resources, agricultural operations, profits and public responsibilities.  A good place to start is at the USDA Alternative Farms Information System on whole farm systems.  Click here for more information.

Focuses on Soil Health Fundamentals

Now more than ever, it is abundantly clear that healthy soils play an essential role in productive agricultural systems. Soils are foundational to the food we eat and fundamental to life on earth. Focusing on sustainable soil management has shown to increase farm and ranch profitability, improve crop yield and provide other critical services related to water, air, and climate. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education’s (SARE) newest book, the fourth edition of Building Soils for Better Crops, provides rich detail on ecologically sound practices for developing and maintaining healthy soils. For more information, read this SARE article.  Potential funding also exists for improving soil health through CDFA programs and through USDA conservation programs--check these out on our Financial support page. 

Organic Certification

Fresher food, fewer chemicals, and positive environmental impact are a few of the many benefits of organic farming. California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) is a nonprofit providing organic certification and support to organic farmers. Find out more about what they offer, and learn how to get certified here

34th Annual Small Farm Conference 

Community Alliance for Family Farmers presented its 34th annual conference in late February 2022 presenting over 50 different online workshops, forums and videos for the California small farm and local food community, as well as in-person regional gatherings.  Don't miss it Next Year! More information and registration   SEE WHAT YOU MISSED HERE.