The North Coast Farmer Workshop Series - Small Farm Technology

shone farm

Background Information:

This workshop covered multiple aspects of farm technology, from in the office to out in the field. The Shone Farm team led a walk-through of the small farm tools and machinery used on-site, which was followed by a presentation from experts at CAFF’s Small Farm Tech Hub on online tools and software meant to make farming easier. The workshop concluded with a short panel and Q&A with local farmers.

Speakers & Presentations:

  • Alicia Baddorf | Tech Hub Consultant | CAFF
  • Sasha Pesci | Farm Tech Hub Consultant | CAFF
  • Farm Tech Presentation
  • Connor Murphy| Farm Manager | Shone Farm
  • Stuart Schroeder | Farm Equipment Operator | Shone Farm
  • Clare Riesman | Farm Staff, Instructional Assistant | Shone Farm

Farmer Roundtable Participants:


Other Resources:

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